Your Kids can help YOU with your Direct Sales business and you can pay them for it.

Did you know that if you have dependent children who are older than 7 years old and younger than 18, you can pay them tax free to them and write off their pay as a legitimate home business tax deduction? As long as you are paying them for actual work done, and your business is unincorporated (most independent contractor relationships are not incorporated) you can pay them up to $4,750 annually. This is a phenomenal way realize some great tax breaks for your personal income tax, create a wonderful opportunity for you to be creative in helping your children business skills and really help you in streamlining your direct sales work time. Ultimately it's a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Now, I know many moms may be thinking, "But one of the reasons I do my direct sales business is because I want some time away from my kids."

I'm not saying you need to drag your kids with you to your parties or workshops. My encouragement is for you to take the time that you're home with them anyway and put your children to work. The hourly wages you'll be paying them will be motivation enough for most kids to say,

"Let's get to work, Mom."

Ways your little ones can help with your direct sales business:

Hostess packets:

This is the perfect job for the younger kids. Use the couch and lay out each element of the hostess packet in order with the envelopes at the end of the line. Instruct them to take one of each item, stack it on top of each other and place in one envelope.

Older kids can be responsible for printing out intro letters and other items that need to be photocopied, etc.

Customer mailings:

Again, the younger set can put mailing labels onto the envelopes and older ones can print and fold the newsletters, etc. Your "A" scholars can even be responsible for creating the newsletter from the information you give them... or if you really want to let go of some responsibility and give them a great opportunity to learn and grow, give them FULL control of your monthly communication with your customers.

Packing for your shows/workshops:

Create a detailed checklist and let them pack for you. I know, I's a risk at first, but you can always check over everything after they've gone to bed to make sure you're not missing anything!

Checkbook and deposits:

What a great way to take those math skills and put them to practical use. And the bank corrects their work!

Database management:

Admit it, Mom, these days most children know more about computers than we do - and we're glad! Let your kids update your customer and downline databases and keep them current for you. Talk about freedom!

Believe it or not, this is just scratching the surface of what your children can be doing. Imagine how wonderful it will be to have your young ones earning a nice income (so much better than the local pizza joint!) and working with you!

Just remember, have them keep a time card and pay them regularly, not just in one lump sum at the end of the year. Do some research online and check with your tax accountant to confirm all the details but start on January 1st and within a few months you'll have a tremendous system in place that will work like a well-oiled family machine.

5 ways to a happy home business -- and kids

5 ways to a happy home business -- and kids

If you're reading this column, chances are you're giving serious thought to a home-based business. And it's likely you have children in varying numbers and sizes around that home.

Hold on. Does this spell the end of your work-at-home fantasies? Are kids and home-based businesses like oil and water, or politics and polite conversation?

By no means. I can attest to that. I've owned a home-based business for about 20 years and for more than half of that time I've had one (and, later, a second) kidlet in the work vicinity.

But that's not to suggest that children and home businesses fold together naturally. It takes some planning, flexibility and, perhaps above all, guidelines. Here are some tips to get you started.


Break the news that you're in business.

"You should cover everything from friends coming over during business hours to whether they can run the vacuum or the dishwasher," she says. "If you don't, these topics can flare up four to six months down the road."


Tackle the "who's on kid duty" issue.

However you set things up, don't assume that working from home eliminates the need for child care. If you're an ambitious, focused entrepreneur, that thought may never have dented your skull, but, for others, it's a serious misconception to think that, since you're working at home, child care is a fait accompli.

You will find that in this instance you can't walk and chew at the same time -- particularly if your children are young and require a fair amount of ongoing supervision. So, one of the first issues you'll confront as a home business owner will be child care.

If your spouse is available, you're in luck. Trade off child-care duties so that at least one adult can see to job-related responsibilities.

Often, your spouse will not be available. Arrange for a sitter for a few hours every day, so you have a block of time for uninterrupted work. Arrange for the little one to go to play school, or even trade play dates with a neighbor. Follow more than one route, and get creative. For instance, one young mother I know set up a play group with neighbors that gave each parent one morning with all the children, and four mornings free for work.


Rethink your work hours and your productivity quota.

Along those same lines, consider carefully how much productivity you're willing to give up. As a home-based business owner with kids careening about, it's important to acknowledge that you occasionally may not get all the work done you'd like to get done. If that seems a small price to pay, fine. But if you cringe at the notion of changing diapers while your voice mail takes customer messages, give serious thought as to whether working from home is a good idea at all. Even if you have child care, it's a guarantee that disruption will figure into your daily work routine.

In many ways, the mix of a home business and kids drastically alters the very definition of a work schedule. Pursuing the uninterrupted 9-to-5 workday regimen is akin to rooting for Don Knotts to get the girl -- don't bank on it. Moreover, if you're thinking about a business that's confined to "usual" business hours, as many service-based operations are, chances are your children will eat into the hours you're able to work each week.

But here's hope: If you're willing to approach a home-based business with some flexibility, kids and work can happily coexist. For instance, if your kids demand some attention during conventional workday hours, schedule a deliberate break during the day and then do some work in the evening, after they've conked out. Another strategy is to use "fun time" as motivation for sterling behavior -- the kids give you four hours of continuous, hissy-fit free work time in exchange for an hour or so at the skating rink or swimming pool.

You need to be flexible and unbending at the same time. If you're organized in your approach to an uncertain schedule, your productivity goals won't suffer so much.


Create an official "kid-free" workspace -- with rules.

There are other strategies and tactics that you can employ to ensure a happy union of commerce and kinfolk. One essential item is an office or workspace that's completely separate from other parts of the house. Setting up an office not only guarantees some sort of privacy; it can also be used as a clearly drawn line in the sand. This is the room where the kids simply are not allowed to go.

Laying out a reasonable lineup of rules also helps in managing children and workspace considerations. Let your kids know in no uncertain terms how they are to behave if and when they're allowed in the office. If you have younger children, try to enlist older ones to help with guideline enforcement.

And if you'd rather not have your kids come into your office at all, post a pad or pencil outside your door. That way, short of nuclear conflict or dismembered limbs, you find out what the kids want at your discretion. A little iconography can help, as well. One of Gordon's clients puts a "Hush Bear" (a carefully chosen teddy bear) outside his office door. That way, his twin daughters know silence is an absolute must.


Discover the opportunities, too.

While kids and work at home may seem to boil down to constraints and compromise, bear in mind the possibilities that the arrangement can offer. Again, my family is a case in point: Discouraged by our school system, we recently decided to begin home-schooling both of our children. Had I worked in some cubicle in an office complex outside my home (an image that turns me to ice), home schooling would have been out of the question. But, with my office only a few feet away from our "classrooms" (our dining and living rooms), I have the joy of watching and taking part in my children's growth -- physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Yes, I make some trade-offs. But I get a valuable experience in return, made possible because I work at home.

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But please play by the rules! This program doesn't cost anything but $5 and about half an hour of your time, and if everyone plays fair, everyone WINS! So there it is. You now have the knowledge that will enable you to make over $15,000 within the next few weeks. The only thing that can hold you back now is a lack of faith or a lack of self-belief. However, any doubts you may currently have will disappear within a few days of putting this plan into practice. Trust me on this! You certainly won't regret it. Some notes from the Pay Pal site which you may find useful PayPal lets you pay anyone with an email address and is the world's Number 1 online payment service. Pay Pal (as an EBay company) is accepted on millions of eBay auctions daily, as well as a countless number of online shops. You can also use PayPal to pay your friends -for example, it's a convenient way to split the phone bill with your roommate, send cash to your kids in college, or send cash to someone in another country. When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with your credit card or check account. You won't have to worry about your privacy, because PayPal keeps your accounting information safe and secure. Making a purchase with PayPal is far more secure than mailing a check or giving your credit card number to a stranger. That’s why over 9 MILLION people from around the world use PayPal to move money. Signing up for a PayPal account is free, easy, and it takes only a couple of minutes. Thank you, and good luck in your ventures P.S. Does this sound too good? Well maybe to some skeptics it is. But it actually works, and is worth the 30 minutes of your time now. So, just mix yourself a drink and get started on it now. After all, you can't lose, but you stand to gain more in the next few weeks than many people earn in a year! Just for a little added comfort and legitimacy, I have forwarded this email to you, and I can assure you that it is a solid system, and it really does work! Good luck, and remember, it only takes 30 minutes (ok, maybe 40 if you’re not as much of a PC buff as others!), but the point is, anyone and everyone can do this. Follow the instructions to the LETTER, and you cannot fail. YOU ONLY PAY $5 ONCE! DONT FORGET THAT.

Put Your Kids to Work!

The most ingenious way to run your business and not let your kids feel left out is: make them part of either

1. Your business itself

2. The other everyday things that you can't get to while you are running your business.

What I mean by that is- Have you been wanting to start collecting all your photos and organizing them? Have 8 yr olds and up do that for you.

Have you been yearning to take up to date pictures of your family? Have your 13 yr old do that for you for the day.

Take a look at your list of things that you have to get done besides your business. Is all of the everyday things being put on the wayside?

Enlist your kids in these little projects( sorting socks for the laundry, restocking the toilet paper, cutting coupons) and when you approach them with something like this, tell them that you need their help to reach your goal.

Take a look at this article about putting your kids to work.

It’s tricky to be a kid. My Four-year-old wants to be an equal partner in all activities my wife and I are engaged in, and she’s not exactly the best sit-still person for longer car rides. One trick we’re finding is that if we give her a job to do, it’s helping her focus and it keeps her much more engaged. Here are some of the ways one might help a child by giving them purpose at an event or on vacation:
Buy a cheap digital camera before going on vacation and give them a list of things to photograph on the trip (if they’re young, give them a list of drawings or photos to try and match). Continued....

More Activities Please!

I know we talked about some distracting activities that would help "divert" the little ones just a bit. I have a list of available web sites that have those activities ready for that. One of them is called
The Activity Coloring Pages- This website has everything from Alphabet coloring Pages to word puzzles, Alphabet activities and best of all - its free!

That have a great selection, so your son or daughter can actually pick out what they want. Perfect diversion.

Another web page with some great ideas is:

Activities for kids- You can actually type in where you live and it will give you resources for your area!

Top Ten Outside Toys for Kids Under Twelve

By Cathy Franklin
Editor's note: We think there are some great ideas here but that most of them are more appropriate for younger kids! If you have kids at the top end of the range, you are likely to find that water guns get the most use.If you are a parent then you are likely to know that summertime can be a difficult time. Parents of children under the age of twelve are constantly dealing with children who are bored. There are only so many activities a child can do inside. That is why it is important for children to play outside during the summer.

Playing outside in the summertime is fun, but many children can easily become bored without a few outdoor summer toys.

If you are the parent of a child who is younger than twelve, you have a number of options when it comes to buying outdoor toys. Below is a list and small summary of ten of the most popular outside toys for children under the age of twelve

.(1) Sand and Water Activity TablesSand and water activity tables are tables ...Continued......

Getting your kids involved in your business, little by little

You can be focused and in the moment, making those calls and getting ready for those meetings, but your kids will always need you at any moment. What I am proposing is that, if you need them, make time for them, you can make your business thrive in no time.
All you need to do is find things for your kids to do such as:

  • Have them put your business labels on your business pamphlets and paraphernalia

  • Have them stuff sample bags or deliver newsletters to your neighbors

  • If you have older kids, have a script developed so they help you make sales calls as your assistant ( Which they are!)

  • My daughter likes to organize my product and let me know when we are low in a particular item.

  • Gives out Freebies to her friends and their mothers.

  • organize company literature

  • organize family calendar


The little kids are a little harder to motivate, but with some original "out of the box" thinking,

they can also be involved in what you are doing like being your cheerleaders. Tell he/she that if mommy/daddy makes so many phone calls or sales or some kind of goal then the family take a trip to the ice cream shop or something of their liking. Knowing that, they will motivate you like you wouldn't believe!

Engaging Teen Interest In Financial Literacy

One good thing about having a home based business is that you may in fact, teach your kids a thing or two about money. Setting an example and following up shows ours kids that you not only know how to make the sale, but also multiply it by keeping your customers. Letting them having some responsibility when it comes to money is a big step, but it is also a test of how mature they are. Letting them know that handling money and making money cannot be taken lightly, but once they got it down, the world is the limit!!!

This is just the beginning of year 2007, what are the plans you have for your kids that you can educate them about financial literacy?
Times are now different, as parents are shaking their heads at the differences between themselves and the children which we called generations! The generation gap is fast becoming a generation lap as our kids or maybe our grandchildren overtake us in the information they have at their fingertips.
The processing skills, especially using the internet, are one key element that sets us apart, sometimes the differences between adults and kids are rarely radical as you think.
A teen faces many of the same dilemmas as us in making their own financial decisions and consumer decisions based on research.
As parents we need to recognize the learning process of each child so that we can work on them individually. Each of our children is unique. I have some learning strategy that I always remember which I am sure some of you have learned but didn’t apply it to their lives. We can take these principles to help our children to engage their interest in financial literacy.
The guru I am talking about is none other than Dale Carnegie. I got these principles from his bestseller books “How to win friends and influence people”.
1. Don’t criticize, condemn and complain.....CONTINUED

Secret Marketing Strategies Exposed!

The following article includes five secret marketing strategies. The most important thing is to study each marketing strategy with an open mind. The more you understand about any strategy, the more useful and beneficial it will be. A careful reading of these strategies could really make a big difference in your profits.

1. The "Sell And Raise" Strategy
The "make at least (no.) affiliate sales and I'll add another $(no.) commission to each sale..." strategy tells your prospects that they can make a higher commission rate if they reach your sales goal. It will really motivate them to promote your affiliate program and give them something to strive for.

2. The "Reader Warning" Strategy
The "warning: just reading this letter could give you (a physical reaction)..." strategy tells your prospects that reading your sales letter could give them chills down their spine, goose bumps, the shakes, etc. People will want to read it to see what type of information could possibly do this to them.

3. The "Negotiation" Strategy
The "after hours of negotiating I finally talked (business person's name) into giving you a special deal..." strategy tells your prospects you gave up a lot of your personal time to get them a discount. They will appreciate that and likely respond to the time you gave up to save them some money.

4. The "Beta Version" Strategy
The "if you order the beta version now, you will get a (no.)% discount..." strategy tells your prospects they will get a copy of your product that might contain a few bugs but will be cheaper. You could always tell them they will get the final version of your product when it's complete.

5. The "Do The Math" Strategy
The "quality product + affordable price = great value..." strategy tells your prospects a single math equation that will help them understand just how good of a deal you are offering. Sometimes presenting your offer as something other than a normal sales pitch will persuade them to buy.
I hope that reading all five of these strategies was both educational and inspiring for you. The day will come when one or more of these strategies will have a beneficial impact on your business.
Keep in mind that marketing can change over time, so be sure you keep up to date with the latest marketing strategies. The more you know about marketing, the more successful you will become. ----- Grab 500 Secret Marketing Strategies For NO Cost!

KIDS PROJECTS- Getting Ready for a OPEN HOUSE? How to Decorate Your Table for Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you are planning on having open houses or even just having a home party then one project for your kids to enjoy would be having them set up your Valentine Table.

How to Decorate Your Table for Valentine's Day
Whether you are planning a Valentine's party or just want to get your house dressed up for the occasion, decorating your table is an essential step in getting ready for this romantic holiday. Keep it simple by choosing one of the following table ideas.

STEP 1: Decide on a tablecloth first. You don't need to buy a heart-covered tablecloth. A simple lace one will do, or try a plain pink or flowered tablecloth.
STEP 2: Purchase a dozen pink or red roses and display them in a crystal vase in the center of the table. Arrange some strings of decorative imitation pearls in swirls around the vase. Place two tall pink candles on either side of the flowers. Set one foil-wrapped heart candy on each plate and tie the napkins with ribbon.
STEP 3: Sew Valentine-colored cloth into hearts of different shapes. Stuff the hearts with batting and arrange them in a bowl or basket in the center of the table. Place napkins in simple napkin rings and place a real or silk rose through the holder as well. Set a small Cupid figurine near each plate. Scatter Hershey's kisses around the table. CONTINUED....

6 Tips for Working at Home With Children

I found this Blog that I really like that is written by a DAD that stays at home....

During a typical week, I work from home for twenty to thirty hours. Although this allows me greater opportunity to see my wife and two small children, it can also be a little tricky at times. I’ve developed the following rules and routines for making the best of the situation.
Create an office separate from the main living areas of the house and declare it off limits during working hours.
Help your child make a child readable sign for the office door so that he will know when it is and isn’t acceptable to burst into the office. CONTINUED.....

Creating a Kid-Friendly Study Area

Creating a Kid-Friendly Study Areaby Pamela Cole Harris
Is your child's idea of a study area involve drapeing his legs over the back of the sofa and reading upside down with a bag of potato chips on his stomach? Does she study on the floor with the TV blasting and the cell phone to one ear? Does your children spend hours staring at their textbooks but very little time studying? It may be time to create a


Okay, so now we are sitting at our desk and its dinner time all of a sudden. Time can sometimes just go so fast, especially if you are having a really good business day or you are on a roll. It is now time to start designating the chores. First, if you have older ones ( which I mean 8 yrs and up) the chores will have to be split up and dinner can start being done once a week by someone other than you. This is also good in the long run, so they can start cooking in the kitchen, if you havent done that already:) This article at has some good points.

When I sit down with a client to work on prioritizing and delegating, the biggest challenge we face is deciding what kinds of activities and responsibilities to give up. Quite often, we get so entrenched in what we think we SHOULD be doing, that we forget to pay attention to what we ENJOY doing. So when it comes time to let go of the boring, tedious, and time-consuming tasks that eat up our day, we have a struggle trying to identify them. It is incredibly difficult for people to admit that they can't do everything themselves. Well guess what -- you can't! And I don't know that you would want to, even if you had the time. Some activities in life are unpleasant, outside of your range of expertise, or just not what you want to spend your time on.
And there is nothing wrong with admitting that you don't want to do something, as long as you can find someone else to do it for you. That is the purpose behind creating a not-to-do list -- helping you identify chores, errands, and daily responsibilities that you can (and should) delegate to another person.
They key to creating a successful "not-to-do" list is awareness -- paying attention to what you do, how long it takes, how often you do it, and whether or not you get some benefit from that particular activity. However, we spend so much of our days on autopilot and in a state of overload, that simply trying to recall how you spent yesterday morning can be a real challenge! You will make things much easier if you keep a NOTEPAD nearby, where you can record your daily activities.This doesn't mean that you have to log every second of your day ("8:00 -- got up" / "8:05 to 8:10 -- used bathroom" / "8:15 to 8:45 -- had breakfast" isn't really going to help you be more effective and efficient!) But if you can start tracking your work activities (could be paid outside work or housework or whatever fills your day), your travel time to and from activities, and any other external responsibilities (committee meetings, carpools, volunteering), you will begin to see places where you can trim and tighten your schedule through delegation.So as you sit at your desk or work in your house or travel in your car, make a note of what you are doing -- such as "checking e-mails" or "cleaning oven" or "buying groceries." Then, estimate how much time you have spent on that particular chore or errand (don't forget travel and preparation time). We will continue on later with some in-depth questions about whether this action needs to be done at all (!!) and whether it needs to be done by you. But for now, that's the start of your "not-to-do" list.
HOW MUCH IS YOUR TIME IS WORTH?When you were a kid, you probably had no clue what it took to earn money -- and you had no qualms about spending it freely on anything that caught your eye. But when you got an after-school job or started working for your allowance, you became a lot more discriminating about where you spent your hard-earned cash. It's the same with time. Very few people in our society really know what their time is worth -- in concrete financial terms. But until you recognize that your time is intrinsically valuable, you will never be able to make informed decisions about where your time is best spent. Here's a general guide you can use in determining how much an hour of your time is worth -- determine your annual salary and divide by the number of days you work each year. Then divide by the number of hours you work a day. That's how much your hour is worthNow, think about how much time you lose to disorganization a day -- multiply that by how much your hour is worth. Then multiply that back again by the number of days you work each year -- that's how much one wasted hour a day for a year is COSTING you. Staggering, isn't it?So, you can always look at delegating in terms of the biggest financial payoff. When I hire someone to take care of an item on my not-to-do list -- and I pay them $25 an hour while my hour is worth $60 -- I'm coming out ahead. The same is true when I can hire someone to do a task in a half hour that would take me 3 to complete. I can be focusing on higher priorities -- things that feed my soul or grow my business or let me know I'm alive -- without worrying that the work isn't being done.
LOOK AT COSTS VERSUS BENEFITS Have you ever caught yourself spending a lot of time on a very low-payoff activity? Maybe it's something that really does need to be done -- like addressing 1500 envelopes for a routine mass mailing or cleaning all of the window screens in your house -- but it's not something that is going to tremendously improve your quality of life. And it might be a hugely time-consuming activity, where the rewards you will reap don't even begin to compare to your investment of time and energy. Most of these kinds of low-payoff jobs really serve as maintenance. The completion of these small activities doesn't make a major impact on your life -- but if left undone, they can erode away at your home, your career, your health, your peace of mind and cause serious problems down the road. That makes these chores perfect candidates for your "not-to-do" list -- items that really need to be done, but not necessarily by YOU. Here are some of the most common suggestions I hear from my clients -- see which resonate with you as being potentially delegable:- house cleaning- grocery shopping / meal preparation- paperwork (filing / mailings / organizing)- errand-running- yard work / landscaping- home maintenance / car maintenance- follow-up with clients (phone calls / e-mails)- travel / meeting / event arrangements
Of course, you have to pay attention to more than just the financial cost of each task you perform yourself. You also have to ask if you really enjoy the work. Even though I could probably find someone else to maintain my website for me, I really enjoy the process of creating new pages, bringing ideas to life, and watching my "baby" blossom and grow. It is time consuming, but I'm filled with a renewed energy each time I sit down to add a new section to my site. So the payoff for me is in the emotional charge I get -- the sense of satisfaction and creativity -- and that is priceless, regardless of what my hour is worth.On the other hand, my sister loves gardening. She finds it incredibly relaxing to dig in the dirt and watch a tiny bud explode into color in her front yard. Now lawn care is pretty much my idea of hell -- so I would probably hire someone else to take care of my shrubbery and flowers (if I had a yard!) It's all a matter of what energizes you, what fills your life with joy, and what you look forward to doing. If an activity fits this description, keep it for yourself and find other less-pleasurable chores to include on your not-to-do list.
The final question I always ask my clients when setting up their lists is, "What is the best possible use of your time at this exact moment?" We usually tend to focus too much on the daily grind -- paying bills, keeping the house clean, writing reports, etc. -- and too little on our real PRIORITIES.
Do you really need to be organizing the garage, or spending time with your kids at the park? Is it a higher priority that you decide where to put the coffee pot and how to arrange the chairs at the upcoming sales meeting, or that you develop a strong agenda and provide guidance during the group discussion? Ask yourself where you will get the biggest bang for your buck. That should be where you focus your attention, and let someone else handle the rest.
Okay, so you've made a list of items that you would love to delegate -- who do you hand them off to? You have so many options!- Get your family involved in the act -- kids and spouses are just as capable of handling those daily chores as you are!- Ask a co-worker for some assistance -- and offer to help out the next time he or she needs a little bit of a break- Make use of your support staff (administrative clerks, assistants, and other assorted minions) -- that's what they are there for- Hire an independent contractor or freelancer to help with household and business tasks that you don't have time for- Develop a local co-op for sharing those time-consuming domestic (trading off on cooking, cleaning, errand-running, or child care) -- or set up an informal swap with a neighborJust remember, you aren't in it alone. You simply have to decide what you want to delegate and then be willing to ask for help. Good luck!**************************************************************************************Ramona Creel is the founder of -- offering "a world of organizing solutions!" Visit for organizing products, free tips, a speakers bureau -- and even get a referral for a Professional Organizer near you. And if you are interested in becoming a Professional Organizer, we have all the tools you need to succeed. (Copyright 2001, Ramona Creel)*********************************************************


I would be sitting at my desk and my Cheyanne will hand me a bunch of drawings of all the happy faces in the world and this will force me to stop and give her my undivided attention. Lets face it- this will happen alot. Your kids find you more accessible now, and that is what you wanted right? But sometimes you have to sit them down and let them know that you are working, but after you are done, you need to be in the habit of giving your kids the same if not more, attention as you do your home business. This can be hard to start off, but with alot of planning and some consideration of your kids, you can do this.

What you can start off with is a list of things that you can immediately use to derail your kids into doing something else. For example, I keep a list of things hanging on my corkboard in front of me, because when I am focused on my business, I am generally not in the mommy frame of mind. So all I have to do is glance over and start going through my list of things that I know that my little girl can do without me, quietly, either on the floor next to me or on a little table, or at least in the same vicinity as me. The first thing that is on the list is:

1. Take out the box of Color Crayons and Coloring books. ( Can find this at any dollar store)

She shakes her head/ Next is

2. Put in a video or dvd with headphones on the portable laptop of her favorite character( Mine would be a stack of burned CD's of Barney or Dora)

Nope,that didnt do it/ Next is

3.Ask her if she wants a snack of wheat thins and Cheese slices and a juice box

Sometimes, Food is all you need. But I don't mean stuff them with junk food though. Make sure its healthy stuff.

A Simple list like that can help you tremendously, especially if you are talking on the phone with a client. Make sure you are in tune to your kids needs and always keep 10 things on the list. Try to change the order every other week or they will know what you are up to. Happy Parenting!

Step 4. Create a time block

Put some time aside for your business. I know, I know , this is hard and can lead into you doing work at 1am in the morning, but if anyone must, you must make it a part of everyday life. Just like the kids were used to you going to work everyday, they should be in the habit of expecting you to be "behind the Curtain" after dinner unless its , lets say- Thursday, or what ever day you pick to be "non-work day". Making it a part of everyday is going to be the factor if you succeed and keep moving or you may end up not following through. The habits must start with you.