Put Your Kids to Work!

The most ingenious way to run your business and not let your kids feel left out is: make them part of either

1. Your business itself

2. The other everyday things that you can't get to while you are running your business.

What I mean by that is- Have you been wanting to start collecting all your photos and organizing them? Have 8 yr olds and up do that for you.

Have you been yearning to take up to date pictures of your family? Have your 13 yr old do that for you for the day.

Take a look at your list of things that you have to get done besides your business. Is all of the everyday things being put on the wayside?

Enlist your kids in these little projects( sorting socks for the laundry, restocking the toilet paper, cutting coupons) and when you approach them with something like this, tell them that you need their help to reach your goal.

Take a look at this article about putting your kids to work.

It’s tricky to be a kid. My Four-year-old wants to be an equal partner in all activities my wife and I are engaged in, and she’s not exactly the best sit-still person for longer car rides. One trick we’re finding is that if we give her a job to do, it’s helping her focus and it keeps her much more engaged. Here are some of the ways one might help a child by giving them purpose at an event or on vacation:
Buy a cheap digital camera before going on vacation and give them a list of things to photograph on the trip (if they’re young, give them a list of drawings or photos to try and match). Continued....

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