KIDS PROJECTS- Getting Ready for a OPEN HOUSE? How to Decorate Your Table for Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner and if you are planning on having open houses or even just having a home party then one project for your kids to enjoy would be having them set up your Valentine Table.

How to Decorate Your Table for Valentine's Day
Whether you are planning a Valentine's party or just want to get your house dressed up for the occasion, decorating your table is an essential step in getting ready for this romantic holiday. Keep it simple by choosing one of the following table ideas.

STEP 1: Decide on a tablecloth first. You don't need to buy a heart-covered tablecloth. A simple lace one will do, or try a plain pink or flowered tablecloth.
STEP 2: Purchase a dozen pink or red roses and display them in a crystal vase in the center of the table. Arrange some strings of decorative imitation pearls in swirls around the vase. Place two tall pink candles on either side of the flowers. Set one foil-wrapped heart candy on each plate and tie the napkins with ribbon.
STEP 3: Sew Valentine-colored cloth into hearts of different shapes. Stuff the hearts with batting and arrange them in a bowl or basket in the center of the table. Place napkins in simple napkin rings and place a real or silk rose through the holder as well. Set a small Cupid figurine near each plate. Scatter Hershey's kisses around the table. CONTINUED....

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